NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION Nonverbal communication is a sign of trust and growth in a relationship. Do you have nonverbal communication in your relationship? There is no positive nonverbal communication in our relationship.
We excel in nonverbal communication with trust, love and understanding.
SPEAKING YOUR MIND FREELY Speaking your mind without fear is important to feel safe and accepted in your relationship. Can you speak your mind freely? I never speak my mind without fear.
I can say whatever I want freely and always expect a level of understanding.
IRRITATIONS All relationships come with irritations. Are you able to talk about the things that irritate you? Expressing our irritations always leads to a fight.
We have no problem expressing our irritations in a constructive and positive manner.
SUPPORT Research shows that the feeling of support from your partner will reduce stress. Do you have the feeling that you support each other? We do not support each other.
We support each other completely.
RECIPROCITY Reciprocity is a key element for feeling emotional safe and equal in your relationship. Do you feel that there is enough reciprocity in your relationship? I do not feel any reciprocity in our relationship.
I feel that there is a lot of reciprocity going on in our relationship.
VALIDATION Actions are negotiable, but feelings are not. Invalidation of emotions leads to frustration and confusion in your relationship. It's also the preferred tool for manipulation. Do validate the emotions of each other? We never validate emotions in our relationship.
We take great care in validating and understanding each other's emotions.
FIGHTING FAIR Some rush to speak their mind during conflict. Others need some time to express themselves. Knowing how we handle conflict can reduce the negative impact. Do you know how each others way to handle conflict? We do not fight fair in our relationship.
We have a agreement about the way we should react to a conflict.
CRITICISM Criticism can be an awful way to express contempt. Contempt is the single greatest predictor of a breakup. Knowing how to receive and deliver positive criticism is important. Do you have healthy criticism in your relationship?
RESPECT Do you respect each other during a conflict? The gloves come off. We have no respect for each other in a conflict.
We always maintain a healthy level of respect during conflict.
BOUNDARIES Boundaries are a good way to keep your relationship positive and secure. Unfair, unhealthy or absent boundaries will make your relationship feel unbalanced and unsafe. Do you have healthy boundaries in your relationship?
STRENGTH With ups and downs the trick is to become stronger through struggle. Have you achieved growth through struggle in your relationship? Our past struggles have made our relationship worse.
We have achieved a lot of growth through our past struggles.
THE PAST YEAR If you look at the past year you had together. Did your relationship become better or worse? Much worse.
Much better.
BROKEN TRUST Damaged trust in the past can endanger every relationship in the present. Is your relationship under the influence of damaged trust?
EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE Emotional baggage can sabotage your relationship. It all comes down to handling your baggage yourself. Do you expect your partner to handle your baggage? I expect my partner to handle the effects of my emotional baggage
We are both very aware of our emotional baggage. We fully take our own responsibility with it.
LETTING GO Holding on to a grudge towards your partner is poison for every relationship. Do past hurts and conflicts have an impact in your relationship?
UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS Unrealistic expectations are a recipe for disaster. Do you have unrealistic expectations towards your partner?
PLANNING Planning dates and goals together is fun and fulfilling. Do you plan?
GOALS AND DREAMS Talking about your future goals have a positive effect on your relationship. Can you share your future goals and dreams in your relationship?
WITH OR WITHOUT When you think about your future. Would you be happier with your partner?
COMMITMENT Do you feel secure enough about your relationship to make serious commitments for the future.
PART OF A TEAM How much do you feel part of a team in your relationship? We do not feel like a team.
We completely feel like a team.
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES We all have strengths and weaknesses. How much do you know you the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship? I have no clue
I have a complete trust and understanding in our strengths and weaknesses
POWER BALANCE It is a sign of distrust and insecurity when one partner dominates the other. Do you have healthy power balance in your relationship?
GROWTH How much do you help each other grow? We do not help each other grow.
We are continuously focussed on helping each other grow.
FRIENDSHIP A good relationship has a mutual friendship at its core. How much do you consider your partner a friend?
SEX LIFE How would you rate your sex life? Very bad.
Very good.
SEDUCTION Do you still make each other feel sexy?
SEXUAL FANTASIES Do you feel safe to share your sexual fantasies in your relationship?
SEXUAL BOUNDARIES Is there respect for sexual boundaries in your relationship?
EMOTIONAL INTIMACY The absence of emotional intimacy is the start of growing apart. How would you rate the level of emotional intimacy in your relationship? Very bad.
Very good.


Our common goal is to provide the best and most profound relationship test for free. The assessment is composed of 41 questions in 6 categories. The goal of the test is to pinpoint which areas of your relationship could use some change or improvement.Question includes topics like: conflict, your past, intimacy and teamwork. The results also provide you a framework on which you can build your treatment plan.

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